We are so grateful for our tomato plants this year. Especially with the tomato hype and all lately. The kids have had a lot of fun watching the growing process. Too bad our lettuce was bitter and the carrots were fine just not beautiful or very many. There's always next year!

Ice Skating Beauties

"Eat My Flurries!" Now, Mikelle is that good sportsmanship?
"I know I'm COOL." Literally!!
We know how to beat the heat. It's hot out there, but oh so cold in here. Yeah!!
Laney is doing the "twist" with her class. Can you believe they offer lessons as young as 2 years old? I'd have to see that for myself.

LEGO Heaven

Grand Opening Day of our local LEGO store. Pure Utopia for Seth. Too bad we had to wait in line to even get inside. Those darn firecodes!
LEGO Masters were in town to help with the building of an 8' R2D2 for the new store. The kids were able to help out with the million other LEGO crazies!
Laney even got into the spirit of building. Kate decided napping in the stroller was more fun.

Last Day of Swimming Lessons

Laney loved her teacher. This is the 2nd summer with her. Thank you, Ms. Vicki!
Seth's class got to play "What Time is It, Mr. Shark?" He's the shark.
"It's Lunch Time! Yum, yum, yum." Go get 'em!
Mikelle's instructor bellyflopped in honor of all his students and their own flops while trying to perfect their dives. Mikelle is enjoying this moment in the corner of the pool!

Attempting the Slide

"Do I want to slide?"
"Hmm...Let me think about this first."
"I'll do it!" Hooray!
We did! We finished our last day of swimming lessons.

Smoothie Time

Kate gives her approval...and so do her dino friends. It looks like they finished off her muffins too! Laney is sad that her's is almost hoo! Don't worry, Laney...there's always tomorrow's creation! Mom loves this machine.

Do They Like It?

Yes, They do!! This morning's creation...The Cold Buster: OJ, Yogurt, Bananas, Peaches, Orange Sherbet...YUM!!

We're Mixin' It Up!

Welcome to Jamba Juicey! Mikelle wanted to document our daily morning routine as of late. I received this awesome smoothie maker for Mother's Day and it has been so fun.

Spybotic Battle

Mikelle is using her remote to battle the other spybotics and get through the obstacle course first! It's not as easy as you think.

Mission Assemble...Completed!

It looks like Seth is ready for his next mission...Combat!

The Building Phase

These LEGOs are not your typical LEGOs. They are pretty hi-tech using the notebooks for instructions on how to assemble and everything! Luckily, they get to have a partner.

Kissy Lips

Kate is being generous with the kisses tonight. Hurry, get in line!

Swimming Lessons

Big brothers are the best! I'm so glad my children love to swim or we would never survive the summer.

Taking a break after all that hard work!

Laney Fish

A terrible shot, but you get the idea.

Olympic Diving Hopeful:)

Now, does that look like a Tuck-n-Pike dive? She'll get it down eventually!


Summer Break is just 7 short weeks. The kids (with Mom's help) find ways to make it feel even shorter. Here's the list of their summer activities:
  • Swimming lessons
  • Ice skating lessons
  • LEGO Spybot class
  • Library Summer Reading

Those are in addition to regular activities:

  • Activity Days
  • Piano lessons
  • Playing with friends
  • Swimming, swimming, swimming

The Castle Rock

Mikelle and her cousin looking down on us

Our Trip to Colorado

What a fun week we had! The weather was so nice and the kids had a lot of fun with the cousins. We made it up to the Castle Rock and the older kids and the dads went to the very top. Brave!