A Day at the Doctor

Kate measured up to 33 1/2 inches tall and weighed in at a whopping 25 lbs. That is a lot better than last year where she lost weight between appointments. She's nice and healthy now and still our little petite cutie!
She only had to have one shot today and got a very 'chic' giraffe skin bandaid:)
"Look, Mom, I'm happy. I still love you!"
Mikelle was Kate's partner for their annual check-ups. She measured 54 inches tall and weighed in at 66 lbs. That keeps her right in the middle of the charts. She also had one shot today, the chicken pox vaccine. She's not givin' me any love, however! I don't blame her, though, it is her birthday. That's not the kind of gift you like to receive.

Happy Birthday, Mikelle

Preschool Princess

"Is it time to go yet, Mom?"
"Hooray, Let's go!"
"Wow, this is my class? Right next to Seth's classroom? That's cool!"
"Um, Mom, what are you still doing here? Goodbye!"
My little Laney is growing up. She was singing a cute song last night in her bed, "I'm so exciting" (instead of excited). However, this morning she was all upset, crying and scared. But we read "The Kissing Hand" and did some snuggling and all was right with the world again. Can you tell?

Caught in the Act

After we checked Laney into her preschool classroom, Kate and I went on a spy mission. We spied Seth eating lunch...
and we spied Mikelle walking out to the playground before her lunch period. They were still all smiles and gave thumbs up for their first morning at school.

Still Not the Right Bus!

Here Comes the Bus. No, Here Comes the Bus. No, Really, HERE comes the BUS!!

The first day of school waiting for the bus.
Seth was excited about using his LEGO backpack.
Mikelle is getting on the bus, only to find out it was the wrong bus. We ended up having 3 buses come through our neighborhood and the last one was the right one. Very confusing!!
Here goes Seth. Finally, the right bus!!

Meet the Teacher

It's 'back to school' for us again. Can you believe it? We get to meet the new teachers tonight so the kids will be ready for Monday.
Seth was able to choose his desk for the first day of school.
"Second grade is going to be fun!"
Mikelle scoped out who will be sitting in her group.
"My 5th grade teacher is going to be so nice!"


This is my effort to keep their brain cells from melting during summer break. Good thing they love to read!

Rainy Day, Finally!

What is this wet stuff?
The kids sailed leaf boats in the gutter.
It looks like Seth's boat was the winner!
Kate was not sure about this at all.
We got quite a storm and the wind blew one of our trees over. Eric had to prop it up until the ground dries out.

Is That a Shark...No, It's Mikelle!!

I just thought this looked cool:)


If you ever wonder what we're doing for the summer...here it is-swimming.For breakfast,
and dinner!