Where Did All the Trees Go?

Today is a very sad day for me. The kids and I were driving to the library and as we approached an intersection that we pass all the time, we noticed that our favorite tree, the only tree, at that intersection was chopped down!! It looked just like the one in the photo above. It was enormous and shaded us all the time when we waited at the red lights. It was one of the last green things around us. There used to be tons of cornfields and dairies. There was somewhat of a rural feel. In the last few years all the cornfields have been sold off to shopping centers. "Who needs another store?" asked my 7 year old son. Good question. All but one dairy exists near us now. They have turned the rest into housing developments full of foreclosed homes.

Anyway, I won't go into all that, but my heart sank when we drove by the tree spot again and saw the workers loading up the chopped up chunks of that beautiful tree that has probably been there for at least 50 years. And in the next few months it will probably be the site of another Walgreens. Yipee:(

Costumes From Halloweens Past

I love Fall! I love everything about it...the cooler temperatures, the colors, the holidays...I love it all! It is, by far, my most favorite season. I am always happy when Halloween comes around. I am not so much into the scary, bloody stuff, but I do love to dress up my children. So far, they love it too. There will come a day, I know. Here are their past costumes beginning from 1998 with the arrival of Mikelle. I wonder what this year will bring?:)

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My Secret Identity

I'm finally ready to let my secret out. I lead a double life. There, it's out...phew! What a weight off my shoulders:)

MyHeritage: Celebrity Morph - Family photos - Family tree chart

Safari Quest

During Sunday's "rest time" after church, Mikelle and Seth created a board game, Safari Quest.  I was very impressed at the details they put into it.   We need to institute "rest time" more often.  Think of the creative possibilities!

Here's the game complete with pitfalls, winding rivers, and even a jail hiding behind Mikelle's head!

You would never guess it by seeing this photo, but Kate was the winner! I know some people hate to lose, but I have never heard of someone who hates to win? Interesting:)

The Circus Has Come to Town

I am trying really hard to be a good citizen when it comes to our general election this year, but am I the only one who feels like I've seen this all at Barnum & Bailey's?  It's feeling really hard to to sift through all the side shows in order to make an enlightened decision.

This Jib Jab is, unfortunately, all too true.  I hope you enjoy.  I will warn you though, the alternative form of "donkey" does appear once :)

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Scrubbing Bubbles

Are you tired of endlessly dusting those artificial trees and plants around your house?  Here is a fantastic solution to save you tons of time.  I learned this from a sister in one of my previous wards several years ago.  Move your tree or plant outside on the porch or in the yard.  Make sure it's not a breezy day.  I have also moved mine into the kitchen and set them on some old towels.  You might want to cover any moss in the planter with a towel.  I never do...maybe because my children have strewn that stuff all over the place years ago:)   Then spray all the leaves with Scrubbing Bubbles.  You think I'm nuts don't you?  Just give it a whirl and you'll see!  Let it dry and, voila, you're finished.  Yes, that's it.  No wiping or anything, just spraying.  They look so shiny again and smell good.   Do NOT use this on fragile fake plants like dried flowers!  I'm posting this today because I just finished doing mine and it reminded me to share:)

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

It's not the end of summer for us until we attend our annual baseball game.  The kids earn tickets by reading during the summer break.  It was a really fun night.  The weather was nice...a bit breezy for us up in the nose bleed seats, but that kept us cool.  I'm not sure how much the little ones loved the game, but they did love the cotton candy.  We all get into the music and clapping and all that goes into the game.  We especially love when our team hits the home run and wins the game!  Yahoo!!

Punching Ponytails

Here's the ponytail...(Kate's very first.  She hates any hair accessory)...
...and here's the punch.  (Okay, she didn't really punch her father.  She was reaching back to pull out her ponytail, but it sure looks like that little dimple face is about to smack her adoring daddy:)

Sleeping Angel

Kate was pretty tired this afternoon and she fell asleep on my bed.  I'm mesmerized by my children when they are sleeping.  They look so sweet and so, well, quiet:)  Right after I put this camera down, I'm snuggling up with those cute baby cheeks!!

School Pictures

You just gotta love school pictures.  I think they used that same background when I was in elementary school:)

Expiring Eggs

I have been working on my 3 month supply as of late.  Actually, it seems like I'm always working on it:)  Anyway, I made a 30 day list of dinners that my family would really eat which I just times by 3.  On that list was Breakfast for Dinner, also known as Eggs, Bacon, & Toast.  Well, bacon lasts a while in the fridge and I know that I can freeze it, so that's checked off.  And I know I can freeze bread or make it, so that's checked off.  I was then perplexed as to how to keep a 3 month supply of eggs since they don't last that long in the fridge.  Yes, I know there's such a thing as powdered eggs, but remember I mentioned things that my family WOULD eat?  And no, I don't want to raise chickens!  So I attended a preparedness class not too long ago and found out some enlightening information and I also confirmed it on the internet so it must be true:)  You can freeze eggs!  Did you know that?  Am I the last to know these fabulous things?  

To freeze the whole egg-NO, NOT IN THE SHELL-use an ice cube tray and break one egg in each slot and then break the yolk a bit.  Try not to incorporate a lot of air into it...that means don't whip the poor thing, just break the yolk up and then put the tray in the freezer.  When they're all frozen, pop them into a freezer bag and they store for up to a YEAR!  Make sure to defrost them in the fridge the day before you use them.  Is that great or what?  

"Forever Strong" The Movie

I got this email from LDS Living and thought it looked interesting.  I thought I'd pass along the info.

"At Deseret Book/LDS Living, we occasionally come across something that is not specifically LDS, but that is so interesting to our culture and values that we feel compelled to send it your way. That is the case with the upcoming movie, "Forever Strong." 

"Forever Strong" is the story of an LDS seminary teacher who became a championship Rugby coach for Utah's Highland Rugby team and who over the years, coached them to over 18 national Rugby championships. His story was published in the Church News and his extraordinary success caught the attention of a movie production company. The film, coming to theaters nationwide on September 26th, boasts and all-star cast of SeanFaris (“Never Back Down”), Penn Badgley (“Gossip Girl”), Sean Astin (“The Lord of the Rings” and “Rudy”), and Gary Cole (“Pineapple Express”) to name a few. Its trailer had its online world premiere on MTV.com and the movie has been featured in Seventeen Magazine. The film just won a "Truly Moving Picture" award from the Heartland Film Festival

Watch the trailer at:

Because of the films' LDS roots, Deseret Book has received permission to allow 5 advance screenings for LDS audiences in major cities throughout the country. The free screenings will be booked and supported as long as volunteers will spread the word about them in their area. If you would like to spread the word, contact the studio atvolunteer@cranemovieco.com. To ensure that the movie plays in your area theater, simply visit the theater, ask for the general manager and tell them you would love to see the film.

At Deseret Book we look for opportunities to spotlight morally inspiring media and entertainment! Be sure to tell your friends and family to see this film on September 26th!

Deseret Book & LDS Living"

Hot Cross Buns

Only after a few weeks of learning some basics notes, Mikelle is finally learning songs on her cello.  Here is her debut performance, "Hot Cross Buns".  Please hold your applause until after the performance:)  Enjoy!

The Return of the Pokemon

A couple of days ago, Seth discovered Mikelle's old Pokemon cards while digging in a toy drawer. He thinks they're pretty cool. What is it with Pokemon and their mind-control powers over children? Mikelle was never really into them. She got these card packages in her stocking a few years ago. She only wanted them to say she had some. I remember my sister, Bridget's, daughter could tell you what Pokemon was assigned what number and then what it would "evolve" into. Now that's impressive and a bit scary:) Seth is having fun drawing the characters. He's become quite the artist lately. He has even made some of his very own Indiana Jones comic books. I guess the next thing will be Pokemon comic books.

Crazy Colts

Mikelle and Seth decided to sport their Colts apparel today for school and that spurred Eric into wearing one of his many Colt's shirts (it doesn't take much for that to happen) and then Kate and Laney couldn't be left out, now could they?

"Thank You, Presidents!"

Early this morning in the calm before the storm that is children, I heard my 7 year old son, Seth, express his gratitude for Labor Day. While he was still lying in bed, he loudly exclaimed, "Thank you, Presidents!" That made me smile and then shortly after roll over and resume my lazy morning slumber:)
I posted the LEGO flag in Seth's honor.
Happy Labor Day!