Rise and Shout! The Cougars Are Out!

It's Spirit Week at the kid's school.  Today was "We're Going to College".  They got to wear their favorite college attire...or maybe it's mine:)  Go Cougars!
The shirts are on loan from a sweet friend.  Mikelle didn't want to wear my ratty shirt from Freshman year and Seth looked like he was wearing a nightgown when he put on Eric's shirt. 

Pumpkin Carving

For FHE, we carved our pumpkins.  The kids look forward to this every year.  The goo, the glop...it's kid paradise.

That's our FHE treat:)

The finished products.

Kate's upset she can't take her's to bed:(

Preview for Halloween

We had a ward Halloween party last night.  The kids got to try out their costumes.  Seth loves his Stormtrooper costume so much that he opted to wear a wizard costume from the costume box so as not to get the other one dirty:)  Ah, the things we cherish as children.

Can you say "Cheese..."burger!

Tinkerbell was way too fast for me to catch a good photo.

Red Riding Hood and the Wizard.  Laney was carefully watching for all the scary costumes.  She made sure to steer clear from anything that looked threating.  Especially anyone dressed like a WOLF!  Boy, I crack myself up:)

I finally found Tinkerbell taking a break next to her good friend, Rose the Fluffy White Chicken.  Too cute!!

Let's Go Ride a Bike

The weather has finally cooled off here and we can finally emerge from our homes!  The little girls and I have started bike riding in the mornings after Seth and Mikelle are off to school.  We have a great bike, jog, horse trail that runs close to our home which makes it really nice.  I decided to bring the camera along this morning so that I could take some pics of all the fun things we get to see.

Click to play Let's Go Ride a Bike
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Student Council T-Shirts

Mikelle is a class representative in the Student Council at her elementary school.  They had a t-shirt design contest for this year's S.C. t-shirts.  She won!!  She was thrilled.  The design wasn't all her brainchild.  She did see a similar image online and really liked it.  So she drew it out and colored it like she liked.  I might have helped fill in the bare spots...hmmm:)

A Day at the Play

I took Seth, Laney, Mikelle and some of her buds to a children's play today.
One of the 5th grade teachers at their elementary school played Cinderella's dog, Rover.

Here's Rover, Cinderella's dog.  He gave them a backstage tour after the show. That was a lot of fun. They got to talk to some of the actors and rummage through the costume closet. It was a lot of fun!

Here's the wicked stepmother and step sisters.

Raiding Cinderella's dressing room.  There's her pretty gown.

Saying 'goodbye' to Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Fairy Godmother & Rover.

The State Fair

Click to play State Fair
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Eric's New Best Friend

Who doesn't know about the IPhone?  Almost 2 years ago, it "wow"ed and amazed the gadget guru's.  It has taken that long for my techno-loving husband to crack open his wallet and purchase one.  He has been eyeing it for so long.  And for those who know Eric well will know how hard that was for him:)  I didn't think he would really do it, but since his old cellphone was on the fritz, it was time to take the plunge.  That was 2 weeks ago.  
Only a few days after he bought it, his neck started to hurt.  I deduced, because I like to diagnose things, that it was the phone's fault.  The way he holds it all the time and I mean ALL the time.  It's just not healthy:)  I decided to capture some surprise shots of his "Appley" phone useage.  That is Seth's nickname for this new entity in our home.

Caught last night in the office...
Caught this morning during breakfast...

Caught this morning before work.  
I had to stop there because, well, I was getting down right annoying with my picture taking:)  

Beautiful World Music Video

This is a very creative music video that some Young Men in our ward made this summer!

General Conference=72 Hour Kits

About 2 years ago, we started rotating our 72 hour kits on Conference weekend.  The previous years I had been just tossing the expired food, but then I finally wised up.  Now when I tell the kids it's Conference weekend they get so excited to eat all the yummy food.  

I get excited too because I don't waste food or money AND I get out of food prep for a few days:)  It really does help me know what types of things to pack and that would be useful in an emergency.  It also gives me the opportunity to replace old medicines, batteries, and to replace any clothing that has been out grown.                                                     It has been a good experience for the children to help with the effort because it gives them the peace of mind that our family is prepared for an emergency.  The older two are not naiive to disasters that happen in the world.  Especially when members of our extended family have had to evacuate from their homes or go without electricity for several days.   What they do know is edited.  I would hate to give them nightmares, but I also think it helps for them to be aware and to know why we follow the counsel of our Prophet and church leaders.
Here's the finished product!

Six Quirky Things About Me

I've been tagged by my little sister. I'm not sure why she tagged me seeing how she and  Ginger are probably the only ones who look at my blog and they pretty much know all my weirdisms anyway...

#1 I'm a daydreamer. Sometimes I zone out long enough to miss conversations. I think sometimes I come across as rude or snubbing, but it's only because my head is in the clouds.  I can concentrate, but only when needed:)

#2 I'm a cry baby. I cry at everything. Commercials, when I'm nervous, adorable things...you name it. I should have bought stock in Kleenex. I definitely wear my heart on my sleeve.                                                                                                                                 

#3 I am critical by nature. Admittance is the first step to recovery:) I am trying really hard to be a more open minded person.

#4 I love fruit more than chocolate. Did I really just admit that? I also didn't mean it in a healthy way. I meant, I would choose a "strawberry" cheesecake over a "chocolate" cheesecake. 
                                                                                     Hee Hee!

#5 I despise cooking. In my perfect world I would have Willy Wonka mass produce the gum that is a 3 course meal. No prep, no cooking, no clean-up. Sounds good to me. Oh, and I meant the old Willy Wonka, not the Johny Depp Wonka. He was way too creepy!                                                                                              

#6 I'm a mumbler. I have a tendency to turn my head away when I'm speaking. I'm not sure why that is. It drives me crazy when people do that to me so I can only imagine that I do the same to others. Like I said before, admittance is the first step to recovery!  A megaphone might help:)