Happy Thanksgiving

The turkey caught the pilgrim this time.
A Thanksgiving toast...cheers!
Yum, yum!
Straight from the Mayflower.
Sharing our bounty with the neighbors.
Happy Thanksgiving!

I am Grateful for...

...some of my favorite Thanksgiving photos:)

"Let's Eat!"

Our friend, Aaron, was stuffed after dinner!  Notice the turkey his daughters left in his lap for later:)

This is how we felt about each other when we had Thanksgiving dinner by ourselves one year.

The 4th of the 4th

This is the 4th photo in my 4th file.  This is Mikelle in December of 2000.  She was saying "Cheese".  We called it her "Fishy Lips" photo.  The poor thing was so tired of taking pictures.  She was our only child at the time and got way too much attention:)

Good Samaritan Sighting

Do you ever wonder if there are any truly decent and honest people left in the world?  It's hard to believe there is with how things are going down, but I am happy to share with you an experience I had yesterday to give us all a shimmer of hope.

Yesterday I came home to hear an odd message on our answering machine.  It was from a lady who said her husband found a wallet on the street.  They looked up the owner's name online and tried calling the listed number, but the phone was out of order.  So they looked up people living near the address and that's where I come into the equation.  They asked if I would help them out.

This is where I am clearly not helpful.  I couldn't understand the name of the person they were trying to get in touch with so I thought to myself, "Whatever.  This sounds fishy and I'll just ignore them."  Not cool, huh?  So I didn't return the message and I went on with my evening as usual.

Right before dinner she called again.  For a split second I almost didn't answer the phone.  It's not my problem, right?  Well, I'm not that hard hearted so I answered.  She explained to me again the situation.  I still didn't recognize the name of the wallet owner, but I did know the address.  It was just 2 houses down.  I was touched by the effort this couple was making to contact the owner so they wouldn't worry where their wallet was.  Can you imagine the headache and fear you would have if this happened to you?  All the credit cards, driver's license, etc!!!  

I made Eric take the caller's name and number and go knock on the door.  It was dark outside and I don't do knocking on stranger's doors at night.  It could be a vampire or something:)

The deed was done.  I really feel these people went out of their way to help someone in need. They didn't take the easy route and just pass up the wallet.  They didn't even just send it in the mail and leave it at that. Are you wondering why they didn't just go by the house themselves (I wondered that too)? They happen to live a ways out, about 30 minutes or so and they wanted the owner to know immediately which is very thoughtful.  A very Good Samaritan thing to do.

I love moments like these.  They don't have to be big and news worthy.  Although what a difference that would make in our world if instances like these were what made the headlines.  I am so grateful for a stranger's example!

Sleep Eating

Kate was so tired last night.  I just had to get this on video.  The picture is pretty horrible.  I've petitioned my husband for a new camera.  Hopefully, soon!

Things I am Grateful For the Day After the Election

First and foremost, I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is mindful of His children.  

I am so grateful Election Day has come and gone:)  I can't take the stress, especially with Halloween just days before and too much candy lying around!!! 

I am grateful for the freedoms of this country.  The freedom to vote, to even has a choice, the freedom of religion, even as the world changes it remains constant and true.  The freedom to share my opinions.

I am grateful for young children and their examples of unconditional acceptance for others. They don't see the color of skin, the social classes, or the infirmities.  They truly see a brother, a sister, a friend.  If only we could all be so meek and humble.  

I am grateful for the sun this morning.  I know that when things don't always go the way I would like, there will be new opportunities to improve and new experiences to build my testimony.

I am grateful that my moment of philosophizing this morning has passed:)  If it didn't I'd never get anything done...on to scrubbing toilets:)  Seriously, that's what I'm going to do right now.  It's a good outlet for frustration.  Give it a try!