So This is Christmas

Christmas has come and gone.  It went by in a flash.  Unfortunately, I didn't capture any images to blog, just Christmas morning, which is the climatic event, but here is a list of things we did to celebrate the season:

Partied with friends on a few nights.
Christmas shopped and shopped and shopped.
Made a tasty gingerbread house.
Helped out with the angel tree at a local store and in our ward.
Drove around and looked at Christmas lights.
Got sick for pretty much the whole week before Christmas:(
Attended Christmas concerts.
Took a horse drawn hayride.
Made treats, treats, and more treats for neighbors and friends.
Stood in several lines at the post office.
Watched Christmas related videos.
The list goes on and on.  I'm sure most are familiar to your own celebrations. We had a great Christmas, except for the sickly part, and hope you did too!!

Fa La La La La

Mikelle performed tonight in the Choir Christmas Concert at school.  The photo below is a true mother's view of when her children perform.  You can tell who I had my eye on.
This is Mikelle's choir director, Mrs. G, and her buddies.
The next pose would be a "partridge in a pear tree".

FHE Hayride

Our home teacher really set us up tonight.  We had a horse drawn hayride singing Christmas carols.  Then there was hot chocolate and donuts.  The kids had a blast.

Click to play Hayride
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Art in a Box

I helped Mikelle's class with their art project for this month.  It is an assemblage sculpture inspired by the works of Louise Nevelson.  The first photo is Mikelle's class' sculpture and the next one is Louise Nevelson's.  You can't tell a difference can you?:)

Visiting Santa and Mrs. Claus

We did our annual visit with Santa this past Saturday.  Mrs. Claus was there this time.  Kate was not going for it.  Hence, I am in the photo.  She was keeping her eyes on those strange folks.  Little does she know how much she will come to love them in the upcoming years:)

Orchestra Concert

Mikelle had her first orchestra concert last night.  I would have posted a video, but Santa has not delivered my new camera yet.  I also tried to take some photos of her on the stage, but they turned out horrible due to stage lighting and the fact that Santa has not delivered my new camera yet.  Did I already mention that?  Anyway, you'll have to take my word for it that it was really, really great.  I was so impressed that these kids are only 5th graders and have only been playing for a few months.  There's something about watching your own child developing new talents that is awe-inspiring.  

Putting Up the Tree

Putting up our Christmas tree is serious business. We don't mess around. Especially with safety. We make sure to protect our eyes from falling debris:)

Wishes Do Come True

My son, Seth, has done very well in his 7, almost 8, years of life having 3 sisters. With all the Barbies, Polly Pockets, and dress-ups around the house, he has remained true to his masculine nature.
Unfortunately, I think the past several months he has been a little down because he has been asking me over and over again if we can adopt a 7 year old brother. Poor boy, huh?
Well, Seth's wish came true this past weekend in a different route than adoption or the incredibly painful idea of me giving birth yet again. A family moved in right next door with not one, but 4 little boys under the age of 9! One of which is only a week older than Seth, in his class at school, and he is LDS so he is in his Primary class also. They are a super nice family and Seth and their boys have become fast friends already.
Does the "windows of Heaven" phrase come to anyone else's mind but mine? Coincidence? Maybe. But I'll keep believing that Heavenly Father knows all His children and wants them to have joy. Especially my little Sethy.

A Day of Thanksgiving

Our stake had a Day of Thanksgiving a couple of Saturdays ago. We took our family to the temple to show our gratitude for our many blessings. We took the kids inside the lobby so they could feel the peace and spirit the temple brings. Then we attempted family photos. Here are a few shots that I liked most. (Except for my favorite family photo which I am saving for Christmas cards. You'll have to wait for that one:)

Time with the Grandparents

My parents came for a week for Thanksgiving. We tried to keep them busy. We miss them already. Thank you for coming, Grandma & Grandpa!

Click to play Thanksgiving
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