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Cowboy Living

My dad has wanted to be a cowboy his whole life.  For a long while, he's been living his dream.  But being a cowboy is not for the faint of heart.  Here is his latest injury from all that "cowboy living".

This is from a fight this week with a post hole digger while putting up an insane amount of fence posts down their extremely long driveway.

This happened in May when a cow kicked him in the leg.

This happened right before Christmas last year when his horse went one way and he went the other.  Of course, he wasn't wearing a helmet.  Cowboys don't wear those things.

He says it's all worth it because of the joy it brings his family.

He doesn't do it just for us.  He helps the special needs kids for the Special Olympics.  Here he is with my brother, Jeff, at an equestrian competition.
After all that hard work, come the cowboy dreams.

Thank you, Dad, for being the best Cowboy ever!!

Monkey Business

So I got a new calling a couple of weeks ago...2nd Counselor in the Primary.  Part of my job is to keep up the bulletin board.  Can you have a job more fun?  I think not!  Here's my first attempt.  I had a lot of fun that I think I might change it every couple of months...yehaw.  I know, it takes little to entertain me:)

TuTu Cute

Laney started her first official ballet class.  Here is some video footage for your enjoyment!

The Only Way to Rollerblade

The weather is so nice right now that we have been trying to spend a lot of time outdoors.  On this particular day, Mikelle chose to rollerblade instead of bike.
She kept up pretty good for a little while.
Then she got smart!  That's my girl:)

Bowling in the New Year

We decided to go bowling this year for New Year's Eve.  We went with some friends and it was really fun.  We started off the night with bowling alley pizza...we love eating cardboard...yum!
Seth was getting his groove on to "Thriller".  He was feeling the excitement of New Year's Eve!

They turned the lights off at the bowling alley and turned on the neon lights.  And yes, this was New Year's Eve 2008...don't be fooled by Prince singing "Raspberry Barret":)