No More Monkeys

I loved the monkey bulletin board I put up in the Primary room earlier this year. It got the attention of the Primary children, which is what I was going for. It's been a couple of months and it was time for refreshing...

This is what I came up with. The theme of Primary this year is "My Eternal Family". I decided to change that up a bit to fit the look of my board. I wrote the last name of every family in our ward with a primary child on each star.

With some sparkly black felt by the yard, foam glitter stars, and posterboard...I think it is "out of this world".
(A side note: the lighting in the building is not reality, the colors are a lot brighter...I'm just saying...:)


I mentioned my new Ooma phone line in my last post.  Here's the skinny:  we pay around $30/month for a landline that we hardly ever use and we only have that around for the "bundle" option to have high speed internet...does this sound familiar to you?  Well, this bugs my money saving sweetheart and so he did something about it.  He looked around for an internet based phone set up, I think his brother has something similar and helped spur his interest.  Eric came across Ooma.
A one time purchase is required for the box to hook your phone up to the internet, but that's the only purchase EVER.  There's no contract, no monthly bill, no long distance's a pretty sweet deal.
You do have to have high speed, however, no dial-up will do and for international calls, unless the person you're calling has an Ooma box, it's not free, but the per minute rate is way low.  And if your internet connection is down, then no service since you're talking online.  Give it a looksee here

Peanut BETTER Cookies

Today was Friday, a pretty low key day.  I talked for a long while with my little sister on my new Ooma line...I'll blog about that later.  I took the little girls to the park for a Visiting Teaching appointment and anticipated my date later this evening with Eric. Days like these are sweet and require something sweet to eat.  
Enter the cookie jar:

These peanut butter cookies are so tasty and surprisingly on the healthy side.  Oh no, I mentioned the word 'healthy' and the thought of chalk came to mind, right?  Not so, I tell you, and I should know...I am a self proclaimed cookie expert.  Give the recipe a try, I dare you.

1 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup butter (substitute with flax seed if you like, I personally like butter)
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 egg (can substitute with flax seed too, I do)
1 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1 tsp. baking powder
350 degrees/13-15 minutes
(Don't have flax seed?  Pick some up at Wal-Mart on the baking aisle.)

Crazy Hair Day

The kids had "Crazy Hair Day" at school today.  Seth even grew his hair out for the occasion.  He wanted a mohawk.  He thought it was cool until he realized he looked just like the picture above his head!!

Mikelle decided to go for some flower power today...

...with some crazy thrown in.

Friends Over the Fence

Having your good friends live right next door has its advantages.  Especially when dinner is almost ready and your mom says it's too late to play.  

Seth's friend, Kyle, is standing on a car just like Seth.  Such ingenuity!
Oh really? Darn, he's right...he knows how to work me.

Heavenly Hike

The weather was heavenly yesterday so we toted the children and another willing family out for a day hike.

We hiked down the trail just a couple of miles and came to a playground made by Mother Nature.

Mikelle and Kate attempt the rock slide-smoothed down by who knows how many bottoms.

Eric documents his turn on the slide with Laney as a passenger. Hold on to your hats!

A Good Day

While making lunch today, my incredibly intuitive 5 year daughter says to me, "Mom, you look skinny today."

Ah, Laney, you have just become my favorite child.

(Don't worry, my other little tinys, tomorrow the title will be made available.)
Note to self: start wearing the silk robe Eric brought back from Shanghai in public!

True Love

True Love is:

Waking up at 5 am on a Saturday to make homemade, whole wheat cinnamon rolls with pink frosting...

Having enough left over for tomorrow morning...

Getting to eat chocolate candies before breakfast...

Letting your Beloved sleep in...

Wearing your pink cowgirl boots first thing in the morning...

Getting beautiful red roses from your Beloved...

Eating a candlelit dinner with 5 of the most important people to you...

And, getting the biggest, smooshy hugs and kisses on Valentine's Day!

Happy Heart Day.  XOXOXO


This morning when Kate asked me if she could help, it was endearing. I took a picture to prove to her, in her teenage years, that such times did, in fact, exist.

Before I could put the camera away, these are the events that followed:

1.  A hunched-over 2 year old, exhausted from her seconds of hard labor, looking for rest.

2.  An abandoned Shark vacuum, feeling rejected and unwanted.

"Don't be so blue, Mr. Shark," I say.  "Don't forget about our playdate right after lunch.  The children are having grapes and goldfish crackers.  That surely means a feast for you!" 

Ahoy, Ye Matey

While I was scrubbing the enormous ring around the kid's tub, which I happen not to mind seeing how that indicates they've been outside playing... enjoying the super weather, Kate came in and informed me that she was a Pirate.  Long John Silver is no match...ARGH!

On the Good Sofas?

Partners in crime, these two are. 

When caught in action, they denied the charges.  "We're innocent, we tell ya."

Sewing Up a Smile

Our neighbor had a little baby girl this past Sunday and Mikelle wanted to do something special for her.  She decided to make her a blanket.  I, of course, thought the idea of my oldest daughter sewing was an absolutely fantastic idea!  She made a very simple, but very cute flannel blanket.  It had polkadots on one side and little pink flowers on the reverse.  She used fusible webbing to attach a super soft applique pig in the corner.  She's not quite ready for an actual "applique" lesson or maybe I'm not.
Our neighbor was so happy.  After having 4 boys, she was excited to have something pink:)

Soccer Princess

Mikelle has come a long way with soccer from when she was 4 years old and only interested in picking dandelions.  She started playing last year again and realized how much she enjoyed it.  This year is a little different.  She's on a coed team and the kids are 10-13 years old.  It can be intimidating to get the ball from a 13 year old boy when you're a 10 year old girl.  However, she is doing great and we enjoy watching her play.  Especially, last week when her team came from behind in the last quarter, 0 to 3, and won the game, 4 to 3!  Hip, Hip, Hooray!!  

In the video below, she's the one in the green shirt and white socks to the far right.  She had a good kick, but then they came back and out numbered her, but still didn't manage to score:)