Colorado Cousins

We were fortunate to have Eric's dad and his brother and family come out during their Spring Break and spend time with us.  It was so fun.  
Here are a few things we did:
Thank you for coming!!!

I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Seth was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on March 22nd.  He is such a young man now.  He looked like an angel in his white jumpsuit.

My Men

Seth's biggest fans.

Our family on the blessed day!

Family members who shared the special day with us.

We Are Family

While we were visiting with my parents, we took a day and drove a few hours away to visit with more members of my family.  We had a mini impromptu family reunion...we haven't had too much success getting the whole lot together at one day.  The very first picture, with Kate and Cara remind me how important belonging is.  Just the look of recognition on their faces says it all.  We long for familiarity as a human validates us, makes us feel secure, and gives us direction.  As I think about the families that I belong to, I am so absolutely grateful for their love, acceptance, and guidance.
What a great day!

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Spring Break at the Ranch

My parents have gone above and beyond when it comes to making their homestead into the world's best personal Dude Ranch.  I took the children for a week to visit Grandma and Grandpa down at the ranch.  We had such a good time.  There was an endless array of activities and my parents seemed to have an endless amount of energy dealing with the little ones.  Thank you, thank you, Mom and Dad!  We miss you tons already.

Pinewood Derby

Seth took part in his first Pinewood Derby race earlier this month.  A friend in our ward, helped Eric and Seth with tools and expertise to turn these pieces below:

...into this racing machine.  Seth called it "The Shark".

His car did well, 8th out of 19.  Seth had a lot of fun and is already planning next year's design!!

Pokemon...Gotta Catch Them All

We threw Seth a Pokemon Party for his 8th birthday.

We played "Pin the Tail on Squirtle" supplied by Mikelle and her artistry.

There was Pokemon Trivia, Picachu hats, a PokeBall cake and pinata.

 Seth had a lot of fun and I loved watching him smile from ear to ear.

My Little Man

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Diaper Cakes

Seth's teacher is expecting her first child in just a few weeks.  I wanted to do something unique for her and asure my son's position as "Teacher's Pet":)  I whipped out this Diaper Cake in about an hour and it was so easy and fun and fairly inexpensive.  I used about 60 or so size 3 diapers and came up with a cute way to give diapers as a gift.

I have a little experience in diaper construction. For my sister's baby shower I built a Diaper Castle fit for only the most spoiled princesses.  And, yes, I did make the watermelon baby carriage too...since I knew you were wondering:)