On This Day...

...40 years ago, Eric began his life here on Earth.  He doesn't look too thrilled does he?  On this day, Richard Nixon was President of the United States of America, U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War was at its height, President David O. McKay was the Prophet of the LDS church, a gallon of gas was .30 cents, a loaf of bread was .20 cents, and 3 months later Neil Armstrong is the first man to walk on moon.  Eric claims he watched it on TV with the rest of the world!

After a big breakfast in bed, we sent him off to work.  There's no resting...even on your birthday!!

Laney, Kate, and I picked him up at lunch time.  We brought him sushi and strawberries.  How spoiled can one person be?

After dinner, we devoured the homemade icecream cake like nobody's business.  Yum!

No birthday is complete without a romping dogpile...with the birthday boy on bottom.
Happy Birthday, Eric!

Go Team!

We usually make an annual trip to the ballpark late in the season, but in the past week we've had a double header (I honestly don't know what that really means, but it sounds good for posting purposes:).    Last week, our home teacher called with tickets to the game that he wasn't able to use.  He told us the seats were good, but he failed to mention how good!  I could have made calls from my seat. Fantastic!

We took along Mike and Laura since we will be missing them when they leave for Columbia in the Fall.  I laughed when I read a recent post by Alisa when she dealt with a drunk at a concert because we too dealt with two unruly drunks seated behind Mike and Laura.  You can see the sad look on the lady's face (over Laura's shoulder) when she realized she couldn't get any Vodka with her peanuts...too funny!

Yesterday, Mikelle procurred 3 tickets to last night's game so Eric took Mikelle, Seth, and Laney.  They had so much fun.

Mikelle made a sign in hopes of making it on the big screen.  I asked Eric to take a photo of them holding it up so I could see how cute they are.  This is the picture he sent me from his phone...real nice.  Not quite what I had in mind.


Easter was really wonderful this year.  We were able to down play the bunny and focus more on the Savior.  It was so nice.  
The kids colored eggs on Friday while they were on a Spring Holiday.  They tasted as good as they looked for Sunday dinner.  Eric makes the best deviled eggs...yum!
The Easter Bunny made an earlier arrival, Saturday morning.  We've done this for the past several years and it has made a tremendous difference in our attitudes the next day.

Here we are all ready for church.  One day I'll let them not match, but not today!

Online Backup Solutions

Eric and his brother have been working on a few projects that they are interested in and hope will one day be profitable.  Here is one of the projects they have just recently got up and running.  It's called Online Backup Solutions Review and its name says it all.  You can check it out by clicking here or on the name above.  It might be something you're interested in or someone you know.  And while you are at the site, make sure to click on some Ads on the side...they make some pocket change if you do:)

Symphonic Dances

Mikelle's orchestra class took a fieldtrip Friday night to see the Symphony.  I was super excited to be chosen as a chaperone until I remembered I would be going with 5th and 6th graders. None-the-less, the concert was fantastic and the kid's really enjoyed it.

Lovely Mikelle face.  

She is letting me know how cool she is to be sitting in the backseat. Remember when that used to be a big deal?


I'm trying to wake Mikelle up after a 45 minute performance of Rachmaninoff's Symphonic Dances.  It was very soothing and for a 10 year old sitting still an hour after her bedtime...well, let's just say she was aroused from her slumber by the ending note which happened to be well played by the percussion section.

A Day for the History Books

I thought the day would never come...Kate let me put pigtails in her hair.  This is a milestone for her.  She was in a good mood.  Maybe tomorrow I'll attempt a ponytail.  I better not get my hopes up:)