reached a milestone last week...I turned 35.  Back when I was a mere 34, I thought I was a spring chicken, however, now that I'm 35...I'm starting to feel my age and I'm okay with it...for now.

Here are some happenings going on in 1974:
Hit TV shows were The Six Million Dollar Man, Kojak, Happy Days, All in the Family, and M*A*S*H. Saturday morning cartoons included Fat Albert, The Jetsons, Yogi Bear and Friends, Super Friends, Valley of the Dinosaurs, Bugs Bunny, and Scooby Doo.
Due to Watergate, Richard Nixon resigned and Gerald Ford became the 38th President of the United States.
President Spencer W. Kimball was the prophet of the LDS church.
The MRI scanner is developed in the US.  Pocket calculators start selling in stores.  The 3 million year old skeleton, Lucy, was discovered in Africa.
Some popular songs were Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynrd, The Loco-motion - Grand Funk, Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas, Dancing Machine - Jackson Five, I Shot The Sheriff - Eric Clapton, It's Only Rock and Roll - Rolling Stones, Smokin In The Boys Room - Brownsville Station, and Rebel Rebel - David Bowie.

And possibly the MOST important event to occur was this:
My beautiful mother gestating an amazing child!

Ta-da!  Here I am in all my Birth Day glory.

Ten years later...I've grown and acquired leg warmers.

Twenty years later...I've grown even more and acquired a 
better half!

Thirty years later...I've grown out and acquired 3 munchkins.

And at 35, how do I feel about my birthday?

Yahoo!  Keep them coming!:)

14 Years and Counting...

Fourteen years, fourteen years.  Eric and I have been married for fourteen years.  At times, it feels like just an instant. When I think back to the events that have occured, they play like a slideshow:
Girl meets boy
Girl begs boy to marry her:)
Boy and girl get married for time and all eternity
They buy a townhouse
Girl finishes college (boy has already graduated and has a paying job...hooray for girl:)
They have their first child
Their world halts as they know it and all attention averts to that first child
Boy and girl adjust to this new way of life with mixed feelings of exhaustion, frustration, and utter joy
They have their second child and suddenly their townhouse feels smaller
They buy a bigger house
Boy's job disappears (he didn't like that one anyway:)
Boy looks and looks for a better job
They have their third child and realize they are outnumbered
Boy finds a new job in a new state
Girl cries and cries because she will miss the new house on the cul-de-sac
Boy and girl pack up their life and start anew
Girl continues to cry while boy is patient and comforting
Girl finally realizes her faith is in the toilet and snaps out of it
They make their house a beautiful home
They have their fourth child and now are tired beyond comprehension
Boy and girl continue to work and work to make their family strong
All the while they laugh, cry, scream, makeup, and continue to count their endless blessings
It just keeps getting better and better.

1995  Dallas, Texas LDS Temple

It's crazy hot outside with dripping wet humidity.

I get to kiss this face everyday!   XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

We are so cool:)

I look forward to the next 14!

Mother's Day Loot

This year, my Mother's Day bounty was grand.  I received cards in all shapes and sizes and a beautiful array of jewelry.  The more homemade, the better!

Mikelle made this fun bouquet of flowers filled with chores she is willing to do for me.  (I think she misspelled laundry because she knows that "landry" does not exist.  Smart child:)
I even had a delightful breakfast in bed.  I could get used to this kind of treatment.

I love Mother's Day, not for the cards and gifts(not that I don't love those things), but for the opportunity it gives me to express my gratitude to those 4 precious souls that chose to share their lives with me.  I realize there is only a brief passage of time when they will let me:

teach them,

pose them,

wash them,

and snuggle them.

I dread when the end of this time will come.  But I find joy in the anticipation of what the future holds for each one of them because I know it holds nothing, but greatness.  They amaze me to no end.  They have molded me into the person I have always wanted to become...a mother.

Ah, Bach

Mikelle performed at her last school orchestra concert for the year. She has become a true musician and has fallen in love with the cello.  Suzie (her cello) has traveled to and from school with her for most of the school year.  Suzie even has her own seat on the bus.

She has come a long way from "Hot Cross Buns".  She was chosen to play the cello part from Bach's Bradenburg Concerto No. 5.  

Here she is practicing with a friend...

...performing at a school assembly... the concert...

...and right after the concert.