Cubscout Day Camp

Seth attended Cubscout Day Camp this year and absolutely loved it.  Really what was there not to love?  He had his good friends...

...B B Guns...


...dirt, mud, and water balloons.
And that's what boys are made of.
He can't wait for next year.

The Perfect Recipe

Mikelle decided to run for Student Council Treasurer for next year.  She was a class representative this past year so I guess she needed some change...pardon the pun:)  I was not aware at the time how strenuous the election process in elementary school could be.  She had to get teacher recommendations, make campaign posters at the poster clinic, be interviewed by a student council sponsor, and give a 2 minute speech in front of the student body.  Pretty intensive, I say.

She had no problem acquiring teacher recommendations...we all know she's perfect.  And in her interview she let it be known that she was the oldest child in her family and that made her reliable and responsible.  She also made sure the interviewer knew that she has been a straight A student all year with math being the top of her game.  That's important for a future treasurer, right?

Here are her campaign posters:

After 10 speeches, it was Mikelle's turn.  In my "nervous mom" moment, I tried to zoom in at the very end and turned off the camera instead.  By the time I got it going again, I had missed the finale so I made her re-enact later.

I thought she did a great job and I guess everyone else did too seeing how she was voted as next year's Student Council Treasurer!!!  Congratulations, Mikelle!!