Back to School

Our short, but sweet summer break has ended. The kids packed up their sharpened pencils, tied their shiny new shoes, jumped on the big yellow bus and headed back to their beloved learning establishment. Monday morning came early after weeks of late nights.
You can tell they look a little dazed.

It was a really big day for Laney (and me). She starts all day Kindergarten. She's my first to be gone for so long. I'm not really liking it and she looked really tired when she got home. That may have more to do with the heat than anything.

Here she is toting her backpack full of school supplies and donations.

Seth was way excited to get going. Two of his good friends are in his class again. Lucky boy!
He wants to know, "Does my shirt make you dizzy?"

Mikelle was also ready to go. This is a big year for her: last year of elementary school, student council treasurer, and probably her most favorite part is playing the cello again.

Their was one person who was not thrilled about the first day of school...little Kate. She was excited to go to the busstop, but not so excited when the bus left with everyone, but her.

After some reassuring of how much fun Kate and Mom were going to have she had a pleasant day and I think she's going to love the attention.

The Luck of the Draw

Wicked the Musical was touring in our area and I really, really wanted to go. I made the excuse that it would be a great birthday gift for Mikelle since her birthday is next week. I looked up ticket prices and they were not so cheap which is putting it kindly. After some investigation, I discovered a Wicked Lottery that is held a couple of hours before each showing. The few lucky recipients would receive 2 orchestra section seats for $25/each. A sweet deal!

I drug my poor sweet husband to the box office in the heat with over a hundred other desperate crazies. They drew 10 names. As each winner was called, my excitement turned to sadness. One of the winners only wanted one ticket so at the very end they drew for that last lone ticket and amazingly enough they called my Eric's name!!! Bye, bye sad face...hello happiness!! How quickly I forgot about bringing Mikelle, it was all about me. I gave in to my self deservingness, swiped that ticket right up and boy was it ever GREAT!!! Are you feeling bad for Mikelle right now? Don't, she was more thrilled with a Daddy/Daughter date with dinner and going to the theater to see the latest Harry Potter movie. It was a win, win for everyone.
Don't I look happy?

I got to see this...

...and this from the front row. Amazing, amazing!
I can't wait to see it again!

1-2-3...Eyes on Me

Kate is 3! It really was just yesterday when she was born...wasn't it? Kate has been a driving force in our family from the get-go. A force for good or...the vote is still out. None-the-less, she is our little Kate with a lot of spice. We wouldn't want it any other way.

Kate's initiation into our family on her 1st birthday.

The little princess on her 2nd birthday.

And now...

Ice cream cake donated from Cakes By Mikelle

Gifts donated by doting parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, etc.
She had a great birthday!!


This Fourth of July, we declared our independence from the heat. We packed up the children and took a road trip to Southern Utah to Zion's National Park.

We took a break at this cool spot.

These bridges cross the Colorado River.

We drove up to Red Cliffs near Hurricane, Utah.

We hiked in a really pretty canyon. It was a little low on water though. Usually, the white area is where the water is flowing.

It was so peaceful and beautiful...even Kate felt the urge to meditate:)

Next, we took a shuttle into the canyon at Zions.

Laney led the way up the trail into the Narrows.

The Virgin River was a lot of fun! At the end of the trail, we went a little farther into the canyon walking in the river.

Their attempts at skipping rocks up stream.

It got a little deep in some areas.

They had a really great time!

We also got to visit with some of Eric's family. Laney especially loved their dog! That was the highlight of her trip:)