Rubbing Elbows

In my recent search for baby gift items, I came across a pleasant surprise. While shopping at a local Marshall's, I picked up a BundleMe by J.J. Cole. It looked so comfy and cozy, but that's not what was so interesting. It was the model on the packaging. She looked so familiar. Upon further examination, low and behold, it was my neighbor! I can't believe I have been rubbing elbows with an illustrious J.J. Cole model! Should I ask for her autograph? Can that count for my claim to fame?

I also came across this product. It's called a Peekaru.

It kind of gives me the creeps. It's like a cross between the movie, Alien, and a character on the Teletubbies. Would you sport this on your daily constitutionals?

Spirit Week Comes to a Close

We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do...We're Kinda Glad It's Over...How 'Bout You.
Not that I don't love showing school spirit, but it was tiring this time around. It might have something to do with Laney's allergic reaction to colored hairspray. She was itching like mad so I did some investigating and her poor little head was covered in hives. She spent the rest of the week on doses of Benadryl. Sending a drowsy little girl to Kindergarten is tough, but she just couldn't miss Twin Day and Hat Day and American Day and Whatever Else Can We Come Up With Day. No siree. We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

Mini Invasion

This afternoon I snuck away to a cozy corner of my couch to finish up Life of Pi (very interesting book if you can make it past the first several pages) when I realized I wasn't alone. There seemed to be eyes peering at me from above.

I had been caught relaxing.
Was calling the S.W.A.T. team really necessary?


...the return of Crazy Hair Day. Here they are stylin' their looks for the day.

Let the Wild Rumpus Start

We're pretty stoked about the upcoming movie based on the children's book Where the Wild Things Are. It has long been a family favorite in our home.

It's true how we best relate to things we're most familiar with.

I'm loving that the actor's name that is playing Max's character is Max. That's a little cool, right?

Should I...

I'm attending a baby shower in the near future for a friend having a girl and I'm toying with the idea of making a fabulous headband such as this one fashioned by very talented individuals at Lou and Lee. I think it's darn cute, but do others? Be honest, would you adorn the head of your infant daughter with such a creation? I really want to know before production. I don't want wasted time and Eric doesn't want wasted $$. If you happen to peruse Lou and Lee and see another one that is more to your fancy, let me know.
Comments are expected, my friends.

Fun Furniture

This Labor Day I did not let my Beloved rest from his labors. I forced him to go furniture shopping with me. The things he does for me. We picked up these two adorable pieces for the little girls' room. I think they are adorable...the girls, as well as the furniture.

Hecho en Mexico by Toro Furniture.

Avoidance Energy

It's Wednesday and time to clean the bathrooms. I have avoidance energy in a big way. Does that happen to you too? Here are some images I came across that made me smile.

This is a genius idea!

Talk about being in the toilet.

Love it.

No thank you.


Dogs will love you for this.

Now I can go scrub.

Well, it's hard to say goodbye...

...and let go. Not this time. Not really. Our family really would like to thank you for the many, many years of your faithful, fragrant service. May you rest in peace. Adieu!

(Click here for Diaper Genie info.)

It's a Glorious Thing

The lyrics "Rain, Rain, Go Away" are rarely sung in these parts...if ever. The rumble of thunder and ratta-tat-tat of rain on the windows is almost as exciting as Christmas. (I said "almost".)

This morning we awoke to such glorious sounds. It didn't take long for the kids to dawn their rain gear and head outdoors.

The Road Less Traveled

Do you ever have those moments where you feel your inner youth screaming to make a comeback? Do you ever indulge in those moments, usually when no one is watching to witness the pitifulness that ensues? Moments like hanging upside down from the monkey bars, jumping on the bed, sliding down the railing, performing hand stands in the pool? You do? Phew, I'm normal then.

Here is an activity that I do on occasion that for some strange reason makes me feel at least a decade younger...I take a road less traveled, literally.

All around me there is blacktop. Some is smooth, some is bumpy, and some is always under construction. But there is one stretch of gravel road between the blacktop that draws me in, much to the chagrin of my Beloved. (To ease his worries, I'll just reassure him now that it doesn't happen that often.) This is how it happens: I'm driving on the blacktop and I reach a fork in the road. Do I go left, more blacktop? Or do I go right, gravely goodness? Depending on my mood and any promptings I get from the tinies in the back seat, I can choose with a slight twist of the wheel. I love power steering.

In the event that I choose right and go gravel, I smile for the entire .2 miles.

What kinds of things do you do?

Yogi or Bear...You Can't Be Both

Kate and I started a Yoga class for Mom and Tots. The first day was a dream. We barked like dogs, meowed like cats, waved like trees in the wind, and floated around the room like giant balloons. It was great. Kate loved it and I loved seeing her love it. The instructor referred to us as "yogi's" and at the end of class taught us to bow and say "Namaste" to one another. We were diggin' it. I was reminded of how much I love being her mother.

Then there was day 2. Of all our children, Kate suffers from the "Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde" syndrom the most. She did not want to be a dog, or a cat, or tree, or a balloon...she wanted to be a bear. Let me tell you, she excels at it. Here are some sample photos of our class today:

I call this pose, "the Burrito"...

...and this "the Turtle"...

...and, well, you can come up for a name for this pose yourself.

I love Mom and Tot time. It's very rewarding for us moms.

Here's the Rec center we frequent. It was built in the middle of a field so the architects did their best to make it blend in, which I think is great. They were going for stacks of haybales with an accompanying silo. Can you tell which one is the rec center and which one is an actual stack of hay? I rolled my window down as we got closer because the field had just been mowed. I can't be the only one that thinks the smell of fresh cut grass is heavenly?

Lake Day

A day at the lake is good for everyone. Our very nice friends, Kent and Cheryl, invited our family to go to the lake with them last Saturday. The day was beautiful, the water was beautiful, it was all just dandy.

We haven't been boating for a very long time...pre Seth, Laney and Kate...that's how long. Our children were thrilled!

Probably their most favorite was the powerboard. You just hang on tight and get thrown around. Sounds fun to me! Even Laney tried it. My camera died before her turn so I didn't get a shot of her which is sad because she had the BIGGEST smile ever!

We all tried the wakeboard, minus Laney. And, well, we're all beginners so keep that in mind.
I was very impressed with Seth and Mikelle. They get it from their dad for sure!
Here's Seth's best attempt... ...and Mikelle's.

Here is my most favorite face plant from my several attempts.

The Lake Patrol flagged us down for having too many people in the boat (sheesh, don't they know we're Mormons:) so we rotated people at a beach area throughout the day. That turned out to be very enjoyable for the small ones. However, I was never on the boat when Eric was wakeboarding so this is what I envision it looked like. You can picture it too, right?
(photo from here)

At the end of the day, the following photo captures how we all felt. Definately a sign of a day filled with FUN!

Laney Lou Loses a Tooth