Fantasy of Family Photos

I can not be the only mother out there who has fantasies of having fabulous family photos. I have tried for years to orchestrate the perfect setting with the perfect weather, perfect outfits, perfect attitudes. I have finally accepted the truth. I can now admit that it is absolutely impossible. I was in denial for so long. Even my Beloved husband knew the truth and tried to warn me time and time again. Here are some perfect examples of how my latest attempts went. I know you can all relate.

Kate's face sums up the day.

I've lost my marbles by now.

He thinks he's so funny.

Believe it or not, we did manage to get some keepers from the day that will end up as show pieces on my tables. Believe it or not, I'm glad I have these photos as well. They capture in reality the joy I have in motherhood and that is no fantasy.

The Best Prescription

This is the best remedy to get over the stomach flu on a rainy Saturday. Wouldn't you agree?

Raingutter Regatta

(photo from here.)

Seth participated in his first Raingutter Regatta at his Cubscout Pack meeting last night. They made their boats at the meeting and had some fun races. I much prefer this to the Pinewood Derby. Much less stress for sure.

"Blow, baby, blow!"

Safety and Style

I love to ride bikes this time of the year. The weather is perfect for it and we have a great trail close to home so there's no excuse. As always, when the children are hopping on their bikes, they are the first to grab their helmets. I, on the other hand, trying not to be conspicuous and a horrible example, leave mine behind (hopefully) without their acknowledgement.

Good news though, I may not have to be so sneaky anymore. I came across YAKKAY, a Scandonavian company, that has combined safety with style. Do you love these bike helmets? Wouldn't you make up excuses to take a ride around the park in one of these? I would. Now to find out how to get one for myself. I haven't discovered a retailer in the U.S. just yet.

To find out more about YAKKAY you can click here and here.


Cleared out drawer.
(I hope Kate found what she was looking for.)

Unmade bed and Looming exercise.

How's your Monday going?

My No. 1

I treated Mikelle to a craft and boutique fest this morning as a "thank you" for her help while I was away on my NY adventure. I can not, CAN NOT, describe in words how blessed I am to be the mother of this beautiful being. She's my No. 1, my numero uno.

There were so many things to see...

to touch...

to taste...

and to covet. It was a beautiful day!

(the below photo is dedicated to my numero dos, Seth:)

We were also treated to a "celebrity" siting. I've been reading the "Nie Nie Dialogues" regularly for some time now. Their life story is so inspiring and touching. I had the opportunity to gush my admiration for this sweet family, but I wimped out and only snapped a photo from a distance (very typical of me...the wimping out part).
You can read more about them here.

Love At First Sight

The theory of "Love At First Sight" has its critics, but they'd be whistling a different tune if they'd witnessed this:
Kate and Ned.

Truly a match made in Heaven. Star-crossed lovers. Sole mates. Destined never to be the same since this chance encounter with Fate.

On a different note.
"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer".

Halloween Happenings

New York, New York

New York, New York is so incredibly huge that's why you have to say it twice. Our trip was absolutely amazing and we give all credit to Mike, Laura, & Rose. They were the best hosts ever...EVER. That needed repeating.

I prepared a slide show to give you a taste of what Kate and I experienced during our wonderful week in the Big Apple.

(Make sure your speakers are on or you'll miss Mr. Frank Sinatra and that would just be a crying shame.)