Elfis Has Left the Building

We attended Seth's Third Grade Christmas play this past week. They put on an entertaining performance in which a new elf, Elfis, has come to town. It was a clever take on accepting other's differences. Seth wowed us as Elf #13. Watch for his line after Elfis says, "Howdy".
He's the best Elf #13 EVER!

Run, Run Rudolph

Every year at about this time, the kids participate in a sprint at school...to work off all those Christmas goodies? Kate and I decided to join Laney...she's more our speed or so we thought until she left us in the dust.

She cheered us on at the finish line.

I think it was a good work out for all of us.

The Sweet Shoppe

Deliciously, tasty homes under construction.

Home, SWEET, Home.

Swelling Heart

I have a self-diagnosed condition...I think I may call it "Swelling of the Heartitis". Symptoms include a tightening of the chest in the heart region. At times it's a swelling so fierce you feel as if your heart may actually split in two. The cause has been determined as prolonged exposure to the beauty that is children...specifically, your own children. I'm completely positive that it is fatal because I have "died and gone to Heaven" at least a zillion and half times. The problem is that it's very addictive. In fact, I can't get enough. I have hopes of repeating at least a zillion and a half more. And you're in luck...the goods news is...it's contagious.

Happy Swelling!

Mikelle performing at last week's Orchestra concert.

My favorite part. Such passion!

Science Fair

We now have 3 in-house scientists. That makes for a fun Math/Science Night. (fun=fun+long)

We began our tour with the "Just Grow It" display by Mikelle and Co. Her group experimented with different growing materials to achieve the best quality produce. It was very impressive and won "Best in Show" despite the lack of photos which maybe some forgetful mother forgot to get printed...oops).

Next, we meandered over to the display of Seth and Co. His experiment determined whether all materials reflected laser light. It entailed shining a pen laser light everywhere...all in the name of science. He didn't receive an award as only 5th and 6th graders are recipients of those honors.

Finally, we strolled over to the Kindergarten displays and were delighted by Laney's class experiment. They wanted to know if sound could move things. They spent hours banging on pots and pans to watch sand particles bounce around on plastic wrap. I think I'll gift her teacher a bottle of Tylenol for Christmas this year.

To Warm Your Bones

It's been downright nippy outside. So we've been drinking a lot of this with loads of whipped cream

and eating a lot of this with spoonfuls of honey and cinnamon
to warm our bones.

What do you do to beat the chill?

Giving Thanks

These folks hitched up their wagon and traveled all the way to our home for the Thanksgiving holiday. They brought with them...

these folks and...

this fellow. We did so many fun things, such as...

hiking out yonder...

feeding our faces...

and wishing Happy Birthdays.

We also treated ourselves to beautiful Christmas lights.

We give thanks to these folks for all they mean to us!