Temple Day of Thanks

The Saturday before Thanksgiving was our Stake Temple Day of Thanks. That day we happened to be on a roadtrip to Colorado so we weren't able to attend our local temple. We were very fortunate however to have stayed the night in Albuquerque where we discovered their temple was only a couple of miles from our hotel.

It was a beautiful, brisk morning when we visited. We only had time to walk around the grounds for a few minutes, but that was just what we needed. I am so grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ and the blessings of my relationship with him. What a peace it is in my life.

Fall Festivities

Fall is Filled with some of my Favorite Festivities.

There's the pumpkin patches and hayrides...

There's the caramel apples and jack-o-lantern carving...

and, of course, there's the trunk-or-treating and monster mashing!

This is How I Dream

After a long, hot summer. These are the dreams that fill my head...Spring cleaning in the Fall and the door left open to cool breezes.

What do you dream about in the Fall?

Fairy Ballerinas

There are fairies and there are ballerinas and then there are
Fairy Ballerinas.

How can a mother resist putting her tiny little cuties in even tinier pink tights? It's a mystery left unsolved. Surely, no one would choose to strap those things on and like it? Kate is my 3rd daughter and she did not escape the ooh's and aah's at the sight of her clad in all pink. It was only fair to the other two. She was a good sport and actually looks forward to her mornings of twirling and leaping to Disney Princess songs with a room full of other giggly girls wrapped in their fluffy tutus.

Flip, Flop, Twirl

Laney has a hOp in her step. Gymnastics is right where it's at for her. She is lucky to have a class right after school on the campus...lucky for me too. However, it is unlucky that I can't seem to make it to the class to snap a photo of her in action before it ends.

Just use your imaginations.



Photo from here.

Stroke, Stroke, Glide

Seth was born with gills. He loves to swim and swim and swim. Naturally, the activity of choice for him was Swim Club. I was happy to discover a year round swim club less than 3 miles from our home.

I also came to the realization that trying to take a good swimmer's photo should be left to the professionals.

To Make You Smile

While I was perusing the Design Mom blog. I came upon a post that made me smile. I think all women require one of these. Although, upon entering we may never come out.
See more images here.

Up, Over, Around, & Through

In an attempt to keep my kids active, I searched for some activities I though fit their personalities. For my oldest darling, it's rock climbing. She has excelled in climbing since she was just a little thing so I hoped this club would be perfect for her. She's into her 2nd week and I'm glad to report she loves it.

Reports on the other darlings are coming soon...

If It's Broke, Then Fix It Up

We have lived in our current residence for over 6 1/2 years. That is a record for me. I have never lived in one home for so long. I suppose that's why I have it in my head that we need to keep all those packing boxes in the garage, or why I made neutral decor decisions for the next owners of this home, or maybe it's why I peruse realty sites for our next destination. It hadn't really occurred to me that this may be the place or a least the place for longer than 6 1/2 years.

And as we have lived here for 6 1/2 years, I am noticing things that need to be refreshed, renewed, fixed up. Whereas, before, we would have been long gone to our next residence. This is somewhat new to me, the "If it's broke, then fix it up" motto. We decided, more like I whined for years until I got my way, to embark on a remodel project. I have had a battle with my master bathroom shower since day one of our arrival. The choice of materials, the installation, the everything about it, I absolutely abhorred (that's fancy for hated with a passion...we've been reading some Fancy Nancy books from the library...they're great early readers...we love them).
Anyway, after just a few weeks (that seemed like eternity) our master shower is refreshed, renewed, it is fixed up!


Day One
Demolition and Constructing new walls

Day Two
Sheetrocking and Sealing seams

Day Three or Four, I can't remember
Tiling, tiling and more tiling

Day I Don't Know
After Painting the Walls,
Waiting for Grout to Dry,
Sealing the Grout,
and Waiting for the Door to Show Up
The Finished Product
(That water droplet on the door is not permanent...it's a cleaning instructions sticker. I knew my little sister would ask:)

Finished tub backsplash and new faucet.

Dreamy Dinner

This is the dreamy daze I walked into last evening.

Mikelle had set the table and made dinner.
(a.k.a. heated up the leftovers)

"Mikelle as a 12 year old"
has a world of potential.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

So Long Summer

It was so short, but oh so sweet. We said goodbye to summer days (in theory only because it's still blazing hot outside) and headed back to school.

Laney and Seth fell back into familiar steps while Mikelle treaded into new territory...Jr. High.

She was in my thoughts the entire day. As I waited for school to end, my head was all over the place.
"Will she make friends?"
"Will she have someone to sit with at lunch?"
"Will kids be nice to her?"
The waiting was too much to bear. When I finally saw her, I knew in an instant. Her face spoke volumes. I should have never doubted.
Mikelle loves Jr. High.
Of course, she does. If there's one thing you need to know about Mikelle is that Mikelle loves life. My heart was happy. That is until Seth showed up with homework. Really? On the first day of school?
Bring it on.

All About Kate

Little Kate spent her 4th birthday half in Boston and half on a plane coming home. She didn't mind because we spoiled her to the hilt the next day.

She even got to decorate her own birthday cake!


Kate, my youngest child, my last baby, started Preschool this school year. I think I was more nervous than she was. How would she survive 2 1/2 hours without her momma?

She survived just fine...can you tell?