A Mother's Memories

Laney reached the milestone of showing others how old she is from using just one hand to two. Turning 6 is a significant birthday, in my eyes. Five just seems so young, but six...you're practically over the hill of adolescence.

In Laney's case, she climbed that hill so much faster than Mikelle and Seth. I know in reality that's not true, but in memory for me it is.

When Laney was born, we were in the midst of making an out-of-state move. A move I did not want to make. I was stubborn, close-minded, spoiled and self-centered. I couldn't look past myself to see the blessings that were being unfolded before me...most specifically, the birth of our sweet, little Laney. It was a flaw in my motherhood that I have vowed to never let happen again. You see, Laney was sent to our family, to me, at a time in life when I needed her the most. She was mild mannered and patient as I reluctantly packed boxes. She didn't make a fuss during our long, 2 day migration. She smiled and cooed as I begrudgingly unpacked our afore mentioned boxes. And when I finally snapped out of my self-indulged pity party months later, she was no longer the tiny baby I was holding just moments before. I lost that time. I lost the opportunity of making memories.

But that's the beauty of Laney, she is quick to forgive, quick to smile, quick to laugh, quick to be a friend, and quick to comfort. Heavenly Father knew I needed Laney. He knew I needed her to enter my life at that exact time. He also knew that she needed me. He knew she needed me to help her understand that her belly button can still breath even when covered with clothing. To help her understand that even though fish have holes too (because everything poops) they would not sink. More importantly, He knew she needed me to be her mother. What greater blessing could there be?

Happy, Happy Birthday, Blue Eyes!

Plugged In

I'm impressed. I mean really impressed. No more shocking foul language or unexpected fleshy scenes to scar my brain.

This site reviews movies, videos, music, games, and T.V. And when I say "review", I mean review down to the tiniest details that I truly feel prepared before I go see a show or contemplate letting my sweet offspring watch something deemed by the world as popular entertainment.

Thank you, thank you to the good people who provide this service. It is greatly appreciated.

Goodbye, Old Friend

Saying goodbye to 2009 comes easy for some, a welcomed relief really, but as I looked back to my personal events of the past year, I saw nothing but happiness. It will be difficult for me to let that time go...like saying goodbye to an old friend. I have been so tremendously blessed and it took the end of the year and hindsight to realize it. What kind of friend am I? With a strong determination, I resolve to be grateful in the moment and to be a better friend to time while I have it.

Reasons We Love The Season

The opportunity to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Getting hugs
spending time with these folks.
We love you Grandma & Grandpa!