We Are Family

I love my family. I really do. We just love to spend time together. No matter the quirks we all have. Somehow, it doesn't matter when we're all together. We tease each other, ruffle each other's feathers, mock sometimes. And when we say our goodbyes...they are heartfelt and true. We can hardly bare to be apart. Thankfully, time eases that pain and we can look forward to and plan for our next meeting. Only then can we continue with the same rituals of teasing, ruffling, and mocking.
There's no place like home.

Horsey rides of every kind.

Hair bows and more hair bows.

Tons of bonding time.

A Trip to the County Fair.

Chicks, chicks, and more chicks!

Even more bonding time.

Can't forget the fishing.

Or the Buggy Rides.

What a GREAT Spring Break! Thank you, Mom and Dad.
We miss you already!

The Ides of March

and Spring is in full bloom.
Does it lift your spirits too?

It also helps that the "Ever Looked Forward To" Spring Break commences today.
There are healing powers in that alone.

My Favorite Son

I can say that. I have only one. And when you have only one of something, it seems to become more valuable, more precious to you. Maybe that's why he's spoiled rotten to the core...okay, not to the very core, but indeed spoiled rotten with my affection. I really can't help it. When I see the girls close the door and play dolls and giggle and he's left trying to play alone, that just tugs on a mother's heart. Not that his sisters don't love him dearly, they do...most of the time. They just need their time too...it's a girl thing. So as the mother of just one son, I tend to cater to his needs a bit more. Even my Beloved husband accused me of loving Seth more than him. I don't know what gave him that idea? Just because I dropped everything I was doing and spent two days making a Sock Pig for Seth when Eric has been waiting months for me to sew a pocket into his favorite pajama bottoms...that doesn't mean anything. Does it?

Happy Birthday, Seth!