To My Beloved

To my Beloved,

You deserved the best Father's Day ever.

We love you.

Your EF (translation: Eternal Family)

First Years

I remember when it was called "yearlings". Girls' Camp lingo. Mikelle entered the world that is Girls' Camp this summer. She made it through the week with a great attitude despite the coyote howls and cold nights, the terrorizing Snipe hunt, the dirt and the camp grub.

Their days were filled with not only certification classes, but spiritual classes...

...and service projects.

The girls in Mikelle's group were smitten with their Youth Camp Leader. She made camp fun while they endured the week.

Memorial Day

To show our gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy.

Newpost on Newport

I must say I was smitten with the Newport Coast. It felt more remote than other Southern Cal locations.

Our hotel was located in walking distance from Crystal Cove State Park. It makes my list of favorite places.

Have I ever mentioned how cool we are?
Just in case you didn't know already.

Also, did I mention we were kid free? I was able to walk into an art studio without apprehension of the "you break it, you buy it" warning.
I'll admit I was giddy with excitement.

The highlight had to be the mouth watering breakfast we ate at the Beachcomber. What a cute, quaint restaurant on the beach. I HIGHLY recommend a trip to the Newport Coast for the Crystal Cove Omelet, if for no other reason.

We also explored the Fun Zone on the Balboa Peninsula. It was established in the 1930's and sadly enough it looks its age. We strolled around just long enough to devour a delicious frozen chocolate covered banana on a stick and ride the ferris wheel.

The ferris wheel did boast a sweet view of the bay though.

One pleasant find in Balboa was the Crab Cooker. You had better like fish if you walk through their doors. Good thing we do!

Two Days, Two Temples

While childfree, we attended two local LDS temples that were new to us.


Both were extremely beautiful. Even with the scaffolding.

USS Midway

To celebrate our 15 years of marital bliss, Eric and I took a childless trip to the OC. (Many heartfelt thanks to Dave and Cindy for holding down the fort.) We started our adventures with a trip to the USS Midway. The floating city that housed 4500 Navymen was an active aircraft carrier until after the Gulf War. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

The hottest XO ever!

The Weight of 3 Small Letters

Such a simple word. So simple it is more times than not the first word an infant utters. So simple yet so entailing. The weight of these 3 small letters can almost be too much to bear until there's that one small touch of those tiny fingers that gives you the strength of Hercules. And that's all it takes.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Kindergarten Musical

Laney sang her heart out with the rest of the Kindergarten graduates to the tunes of "The Farmer and the Dell" and "Froggies on a Log".

Then we partied hard at her class luau.