Dreamy Dinner

This is the dreamy daze I walked into last evening.

Mikelle had set the table and made dinner.
(a.k.a. heated up the leftovers)

"Mikelle as a 12 year old"
has a world of potential.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

So Long Summer

It was so short, but oh so sweet. We said goodbye to summer days (in theory only because it's still blazing hot outside) and headed back to school.

Laney and Seth fell back into familiar steps while Mikelle treaded into new territory...Jr. High.

She was in my thoughts the entire day. As I waited for school to end, my head was all over the place.
"Will she make friends?"
"Will she have someone to sit with at lunch?"
"Will kids be nice to her?"
The waiting was too much to bear. When I finally saw her, I knew in an instant. Her face spoke volumes. I should have never doubted.
Mikelle loves Jr. High.
Of course, she does. If there's one thing you need to know about Mikelle is that Mikelle loves life. My heart was happy. That is until Seth showed up with homework. Really? On the first day of school?
Bring it on.

All About Kate

Little Kate spent her 4th birthday half in Boston and half on a plane coming home. She didn't mind because we spoiled her to the hilt the next day.

She even got to decorate her own birthday cake!


Kate, my youngest child, my last baby, started Preschool this school year. I think I was more nervous than she was. How would she survive 2 1/2 hours without her momma?

She survived just fine...can you tell?