This is How I Dream

After a long, hot summer. These are the dreams that fill my head...Spring cleaning in the Fall and the door left open to cool breezes.

What do you dream about in the Fall?

Fairy Ballerinas

There are fairies and there are ballerinas and then there are
Fairy Ballerinas.

How can a mother resist putting her tiny little cuties in even tinier pink tights? It's a mystery left unsolved. Surely, no one would choose to strap those things on and like it? Kate is my 3rd daughter and she did not escape the ooh's and aah's at the sight of her clad in all pink. It was only fair to the other two. She was a good sport and actually looks forward to her mornings of twirling and leaping to Disney Princess songs with a room full of other giggly girls wrapped in their fluffy tutus.

Flip, Flop, Twirl

Laney has a hOp in her step. Gymnastics is right where it's at for her. She is lucky to have a class right after school on the campus...lucky for me too. However, it is unlucky that I can't seem to make it to the class to snap a photo of her in action before it ends.

Just use your imaginations.



Photo from here.