Fabric Store Photos

On a recent outing to the local fabric/craft supply store, Laney documented some of her interests while unbeknownst to me. I may have been preoccupied. That sometimes happens to me.

It made me smile to see the things that caught her eye.

Here She Comes...

Laney hopped on her bike and took off this weekend. There was no holding on to the seat and running along side her up and down the road. Nothing of the doing.
Now if that's not good parenting, I don't know what is. Do you hear that sound? That's the sound of me patting myself on the back. Pretty loud, eh?

Honestly, though, a friend of ours taught us a "learning to ride a bike" technique. One that he used for his young son who started BMX racing at a young age. Take off the training wheels and the pedals, set the seat down low, and let them glide while pushing with their feet. This is to help learn balance. We tried it with Seth and now with Laney and here are the results.

...and there she goes.


That's what I hear against the window pane.

He Doesn't Look A Day Over A Decade

We celebrated Seth's 10th birthday in LEGO style. I was a little surprised that he wanted to have a themed birthday party. I wasn't sure if that fit his Joe Cool style. Here's what I came up with for the event.

Seth handed out these awesome invites (inspired by stephmodo).

Fun, don't you agree?

This was the layout before the "Mayhem".

Then enter the "Mayhem", aka party guests.

The LEGO icecream cake. Don't judge me on appearance...cake decorating and Stacy don't mix, but it was sure darn tasty! I got the recipe here and added Oreos on the top and red food coloring to the whip cream.

The party favors. I think my hand-drawn lego guys are cute...almost too cute for a 10 year old boy's birthday. Seth was borderline "yes" on this idea. He did, however, give 2 thumbs up on the contents.

Stephmodo also gave me some fun decorating ideas. So easy to make with cardstock and a large hole punch. I even printed out the water bottle labels all by myself! Your impressed, I know.

Party games involved...can you guess? LEGO's. They played a few rounds of Creationary and then a game of my own making...Annihilation. They had limited time to build the best tower they could that would withstand attack. From the second floor, I dropped balls that increased in size onto their tower and watched as the pieces flew in all directions. That was a crowd pleaser as you can imagine!

Inspiration for the next game and decor below came from deliacreates.
Seth was just "so-so" about the plates with faces. It's an age thing. I think they're awesome.

"I Spy a Lego Guy" was a hit though! Can you spy a lego guy?

These boys can!

And here's my LEGO guy blowing away his last 10 years. Okay, he's pretending to blow in the photo because he was too hasty to wait for the camera.
After the party was over and calm was enjoyed once again (relatively speaking) I snuggled my boy and pleaded with him to not be so hasty as to grow up way too fast.
I love that kid.
Happy Birthday, Seth!