Father and Son Camping

Eric and Seth enjoyed the annual Father and Son Campout with our ward. I don't know how they could like being away from me so for even a night? (I have high self esteem) It might have something to do with how camp food tastes so good with a dusting of ash...

Or the chance to make roaring fires. I hear there were fires a plenty that night. What is it with boys and fire?

I love how it pushes them to the point of exhaustion so I can look at this beautiful, peaceful face when they get home.

Easter Attire

They make me so hoppy!

Time on the Tarmack

What a fun time we had at our local municipal airport this weekend. While watching Seth's flag football game, giant warbirds flew above our heads. Their silver bodies glinting in the sun. We had to get a closer look.

There were so many interesting planes participating in the festival.
I would feel like the Red Baron flying in this one.

I can't remember all the official names for these flying WWII museums. Something like B this and B that, but I do know they were B-eautiful, in that historic, patriotic, cool kind of way.

This particular plane was purchased by the Hoover company back in the day and transformed into a luxury plane.

Oh, yeah. I could travel like this.

We visited this one at last year's festival, but came too late for the tour. Not this year!

Cutest gunner ever.

The Army was also represented with this super impressive Apache helicopter.

Seth was diggin' it. Especially when the Army guy was giving all the specifics...how fast it flies, how far it shoots, how many rounds it carries. A cool fact he shared was that the guns will aim wherever the pilot is facing...helmet controlled. I asked what I thought was a relevant question, "What happens if he sneezes?" That would be a concern right? No wonder my kids don't want to take me anywhere.

Cute Way to Give Cash

Sometimes I'm stumped as to what gift to give preteens on their birthday and especially for the boy variety. Recently, Seth attended a birthday party and wanted to give his friend money. There is something lackluster about just receiving cash (not that I will decline such a gift...EVER) so we decided to get creative.

We stuffed $1 bills into balloons.

We filled the balloons with helium.
You can purchase small helium tanks at stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and almost any party related store.

We attached the balloons to a box of yummy candy and ta-da!
It's all about the presentation!

Wishful Thinking

The world is full of imitations, copy cats, even generic brands. Not being able to get what you want when you want may be the cause of such things.
I think that's what's going on below.

Manufacturer: Seth (I can tell by the flying pig on the display:)

Owner: Kate (I can tell by the flying horse on the screen saver:)

Impressive full keyboard for texting purposes, I assume.

Ah, ingenuity. Included is a fold out ipad. Awesome.

Reading and Loving

I love Spring. I love to read.
I love to read books with the colors of Spring.
Bonus if it's a great story.
The book that we are currently reading is a Bonus ++.

Do you have any favorite Springtime children's books?

The Importance of General Conference

(The garden on top of the LDS Conference Center in SLC;
pre Laney & Kate)

It is possibly the best 2 weekends of the year.

(Beautiful fountains and art elements inside the Center.)

By the closing session, I feel uplifted and edified.

My testimony of the Gospel is strengthened and my resolve to endure is recharged.

I feel its importance in all aspects of my life.

(Outside the Conference Center. Not sure why Laney is pouting off, but I'm pretty sure I'm scolding Seth for something.)

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Have a great weekend!