Bugging the Ladies

As preschool lets out, the children run for the field. With bug catchers in tow they are on the hunt. The object of their obsession...ladybugs.
The field has been teeming with them for weeks.

Off they go.

Looking this way...

and that way.

Success for me...

and for you.

Free, Back, Breast, Fly

Swimmer Speak.

This kid's got it down.

Newest Inductee

I am proud of this young lady in more ways than I can type. My head spins to think of the potential she holds in just her little finger. She is truly a work of art in spirit, beauty, and soul. I am honored to witness such a life being lived.

(You'll have to pardon the blur below...results of too much "Yahooing" while trying to hold the camera steady.)

Lending a Helping Hand

Through the invitation of the local chapter of BYU alumni, Mikelle and I had the opportunity of helping with a local playground installation. We spent the majority of the day as members of the dirt removal crew. I nearly laughed out loud when she and I were given that assignment. Apparently, my tree stump legs give the appearance that I am meant for such physical labor.

Anyhow, Mikelle and I grabbed shovels and started at the nearest dirt hill and started shoveling away into wheel barrows. I was so impressed with my daughter. She didn't complain one bit. And it was not easy work. She loaded wheel barrow after wheel barrow with dirt. She was looking a little tired after an hour so I suggested she help with the children's craft area. I think she liked that idea. For the rest of the day, she alternated between the two stations.

We are waiting for the cement to be mixed and poured into the holes so that we can cover the area with wood chips.

It was a good day.

Raise Your Hand

...if you went to school with a girl that looked like this.

But of course not as adorable!

80's day at school.

Seth decided to sport his Empire Strikes Back shirt...it debuted in May of 1980, you know.

Cycle of Life

With her hard earned money, Laney purchased this Butterfly Keeper at our local Target. Inside there was a mail-in leaflet to order 5 caterpillars.

We checked the mail with anticipation for nearly 3 weeks. Finally, the creepy crawlies arrived.

We watched as they ate and ate the unidentified gunk they were sent in. They gorged themselves for almost a week before they started hanging from the lid.

It took no time at all, I'm talking a mere few hours, for them to encase themselves in their chrysalis form. Even after observing them intently, I'm still amazed at how that all happened. They didn't move at all and it forms around them...I need to do some serious butterfly research...I have so many unanswered questions!

To add to my amazement, in only 5 or so days they emerged in their beautiful butterfly form. How do they do it?

Life is amazing!

Mother's Day

The holiest words my tongue can frame,
The noblest thoughts my soul can claim,
Unworthy are to praise the name
More precious than all other.
An infant, when her love first came,
A {wo}man, I find it still the same,
Reverently I breathe her name,
The blessed name of mother.

I love you, Mom!

Just Be Frank

Seth chose to do a report on Frank Lloyd Wright for a class project. They were required to dress the part and gives facts about their subject as if they were that person.

Here he is taking a break from drafting the Guggenheim to tell a visiting student about his colorful life. He did a fantastic job.

Ni Hao

Our little visitor says Hello from the pretend Orient.

A few years ago, Eric was in China on business and brought back some beautiful things such as this gorgeous silk dress.

It has been hanging in the girls' closet for some time now just waiting for Kate to grow into. I think she looks "keai".

Chopstick hair weaponry provided by Mikelle.