She's 5. Kate is 5. My baby is 5.
I figure if I say it enough, it might finally sink in.

We had a great time giving Kate her presents this year. She was very enthusiastic about giving everyone a hug after receiving a gift from them.
Kate does not give hugs out on a willingly basis so this was a treat for us.

A Trip to Zion

This is our second venture into Zion's National Park.
It is never disappointing.

Emerald Pools Trail

Can you see the water spraying over from above?

Entering the Narrows Trail.

We love the scenery and we LOVE the water.

You can ride the rapids.

And travel forever up the trail via the water path.

A "must do" in the summer.

Scenic St. George

We enjoyed a day trip into St. George this summer.

The St. George temple is absolutely stunning settled against the red rock bluffs of St. George.

It is the first LDS temple built in Utah.
Yes, it is that old.

We also toured Brigham Young's Winter home while in St. George.

Many things were original such as the bed above, not the bedding, and the cane below.

Ode to Grandpas

My kids love their grandpas.
Who can blame them?

This summer they were able to spend time with 2 out of 3 grandpas.
What a delight!

Love berry picking with Grandpa!

Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone is one amazing place. It is such a place of beauty and after learning all about it, it is a volatile place too. We really loved our visit there and loved that we got to experience the park with Grandma and Grandpa.

What trip to Yellowstone is complete without the wait for the ever famous Old Faithful.

She still remains Faithful. Right on time plus or minus a few minutes.

The creepy, but cool boiling pots and sulfur springs.

The overwhelmingly impressive Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.
It is unbelievable!

Two beauties side by side.

Wolves, Bison, Bears, Oh My

Our Summer travels took us to Yellowstone Park.
We searched out the animals first and foremost.

We encountered this beautiful elk among many. Doesn't she look so peaceful lounging by the river?
And I dare say, she is posing for my camera.
Look at that smile.

We were fortunate to see a herd of bison off the main road.
They are majestic creatures.

We were not so fortunate to see any wolves or bears within the Park itself, but we did go to an amazing Discovery Center right outside the West gate to see them there. They are held there because they have tasted human food and have become a problem.

Temple Square Tourists

The observation deck gave an excellent view of the valley.

We splashed in the reflection pool outside the Salt Lake Temple.
We tossed in some penny wishes too.

We enjoyed both Visitor's Centers on Temple Square.

We spent hours in the children's section at the Church History and Art Museum.

Here Kate is fishing off the boat built by Nephi and his family.

Eric is lifting a replica of the golden plates.
It gives new appreciation for those that were in charge of them.

Seth helped Mormon abridge the plates.
I think he may have a future in this line of work.

The girls dressed up and danced away in Latin American style.

We dined at the Garden atop of the Joseph Smith Memorial building.
It boasts its own beautiful view.

Here is a view that is difficult to appreciate.

And, of course, we basked in the reverence and awe that is the Salt Lake Temple.