The Bell Has Rung

It's time for school again.

This year is momentous for me as a mother. It marks the first year all my children will be in school all day. I'm not sure what to expect with all this new found freedom, but I sure do look forward to figuring it out.

Newest Kindergartner. It just can't be true. Is she ready?

Plus, that purple clad headless gal next to Kate is my newest 8th grader.
Last year of Jr. High and this is the only photo I

Newest 2nd Grader.
Why, o why must they grow up?

Newest 5th Grader.
Seth is remembering to yell at his mom after school for making him take this photo.

Getting on the bus.
Kate has been looking forward to this for years.

We made it to the school. Anxious to get in. (It's hot out here!)

Friends AND playdoh...Kindergarten is going to be AWESOME!

Underwater Fun

Since our summer heat is still sizzling, we are spending as much time in the pool as we can.
It's the only way to beat the heat.

Here are my little fishies.
Check for gills.
They are sure to be there after this long, hot summer.

As far underwater as Kate will go.

Queen of Teen

How does she make it look so easy?
I don't remember my emergence into teendom being quite so delightful.

Here she is living some teenage dreams.

She performed with a summer theater group in Wicked the musical...

She sang the National Anthem to open a Jr. High volleyball game.

She flew like a bird at an indoor skydiving establishment.

And she continues to melt my heart with one glance.