It only happens once in our lifetime.


Eric and I decided to do something out of the ordinary with our kids. We woke them up before sunrise and headed to an undisclosed location and said, "Surprise! Let's go up in a hot air balloon today!"

They were very excited, to say the least, and they forgave us for waking them up so early on a holiday.
They are kind that way.

Ready for take off!

No better place to test those paper airplanes!

Now to test those little parachute dudes.

We came in for a landing in a neighborhood park. Children in their jammies came running from their homes waving. It was so cute. A very nice woman who had a camera in hand, came to the park with her children and offered to email these photos she took of our arrival. Wasn't that so nice!

Along with my children, those cutie neighborhood kids got to help with air removal.
They had so much fun!

We were then treated by the pilot with a picnic breakfast. We ate while he told us the history of ballooning.
It was fascinating.

See how fascinated we are.

Happy 11.11.11
Happy Veteran's Day!

Trunkin and Trickin

We love Halloween.
The weather is nice, the neighbors are nice, and the candy is, oh so nice.

Cute costumes by Becky. Thank you, sister dear.

We are so lucky. (I'm trying really hard not to be sarcastic). We not only get to Trick or Treat, but our ward always has a fun Trunk or Treating night.

Laney as Mummy with Pirate friend, Angelina, and my pink cowgirl, Kate.

Peter Pan hopping into the photo with Seth as "Quarter Back" and friends, Calvin & Hobbs.

There were fun games like "Flying Mice".

And, of course, the cupcake walk.

On Halloween night, we teamed up with some friends and headed out for some good, ole fashion trick-or-treating.

Off to the races.

Happy Halloween!