Performanced Out

This is what we look like after the last couple of weeks.  
'Tis the Season to Be Jolly...Overrated!  

We started out by attending an award's ceremony for Seth.  He and other "model students" (makes me chuckle every time) were celebrated at the Fine Arts Center for their excellent attitudes, academics, and achievements.  

That's my boy!

Then my award winning son (he is quick to remind us daily) delighted us with a cheery Christmas Orchestra Concert.

Next up, was a beautiful Ballet Performance by our Prima Ballerina, Laney Lou. 
(She's on the left). 
Her class performed a piece from the Nutcracker.

A couple of her adoring fans were in attendance.

Then 2 days later, we were entertained by Laney and her school Choir.

Mikelle was there as Mentor Extraordinaire.  As she is taking a break from choir this year, and dabbling in theater, she had her own opportunity for performance. 

The Young Women at church dressed like Princesses for their Young Women's in Excellence night.  
Mikelle went all out with her fluffy self!
I just wish she weren't so shy all the time.

 Kate was not to be left out of the performance circle.  She amazed us with her new found talent...riding a 2 wheeler. 
 Bye, Bye training wheels.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

It's the school bell for these little chickies.  
We're off to school again.  

Kate is a veteran now.  
She loves school and I hope she loves 1st Grade.

Laney as the beautiful 3rd grader that she is.

Seth joins his sisters as their protector and guide.
This is his final debut in Elementary School.
The King of the Mountain.

Seeking shade at the bus stop.
School may have started, but the heat hasn't stopped.

Off they go.

My beautiful High Schooler was up bright and early.  
No more sleeping in for this kid.  
The perks of higher learning.

Summer Come and Gone, Part II

July 4th was a great day.  
It rained for the first part of the day and cooled the temps down to pleasant.  
We even got to watch fireworks OUTSIDE at home this year.  
That is big...huge even!
The girlies enjoyed the day outside while earning some $$.  

I also finished up some remodeling projects that I started back in May.  
The husband may have helped.  
A little.


My model.



July is birthday month for Kate.  She got spoiled this year (not unlike everyday, she is the baby you know).
She was able to celebrate with some of her little buddies.

My lifeguard extraordinaire.

I even made a less than half-hearted attempt to teach Laney some basic sewing skills.

It may not have gone all that well.
I take 100% of the blame.
These jammie shorts didn't come out how I envisioned.
We'll try again soon.
Especially now that I have my new-to-me Janome sewing machine.
(Thank you a million times, Teri.)
That thing is sick!
That's teenage lingo for unbelievably awesome.
 Do I get any points for attempting to be cool?
We end our July every year with a celebratory day for Mikelle's birth.
And our survival. 
She pretty much rocks my world and has for the last 14 years.
(Don't get distracted by the air compressor in the background.  Doesn't everyone have one in their kitchen?)

As for giving a gift to your 14 year old that has everything and I mean EVERYTHING, even a giant stuffed bear named Albert, we opted with a cutie sleeper sofa from IKEA.
Look what a great idea it was.
There's homework being done and everything.

Summer, Come and Gone

Three days after Mikelle finished Jr. High, we shipped her out of state.  She was lucky to attend a full week of Especially For Youth on the beautiful campus of BYU.

She made her "flying solo" debut to get there.
Very exciting stuff!
Eric took her to the gate and her cousin met her at the gate in SLC.
That put my mind at ease.

She had a great week.
 She had "the best company EVER", according to her and can't wait until next summer.

I can wait until next summer.  
I missed that baby.

While Mikelle was off discovering who her "C.O.W." (EFY lingo for Crush of the Week) was, Seth was busy planning, measuring, and constructing.

Through the wonderful resources of Pinterest, I came across a Pin for a Bike Wash
 I knew the moment I saw it, Seth would be on the job.  

After several (hundred:) trips to Lowe's, we gathered all supplies needed.  
It took him about 4 days and $40 to get the job done.

It was a hit!  

The best part is, we substituted some joints with "screw on" ones so after the deathly heat leaves us for a spell, we can take it apart in 3 flat pieces and hang it in the garage. 

That was the idea of my brilliant engineering husband.  
He pretty much everything!

Meanwhile, the little girlies stayed cool all summer long with ice skating lessons...

 ...and swimming lessons.

A couple of weeks after EFY, Mikelle left us again for Girl's Camp.  
She absolutely loves it.  
She gets to be crazy, and dirty, and with the girls.  
Heaven for her.

She performed well (I hear) as Cleopatra during skit night.

To add more craziness to Mikelle's month of June, she threw in 3 weeks of Summer School.  
Yep, we don't like to sit around.  
It was a pretty rough 3 weeks.  
Everyday from 7:30-4 learning Algebra.  
The pros are, she is now in the class she will excel in 
every day we got to see the building of our local LDS temple.  
It is visible from her High School.  

That was our month of June.  Stayed tuned for July.  
I know you're on the edge of your seat.