Holiday Happenings

November and December are mysterious months to me. In just a few short weeks, we cram so much activity in our schedules that when the New Year arrives I wonder where I left my brain. I have to look back at photos to jog any type of memory.

Here is what I remember:

Attending a Harvest Celebration with the most adorable pilgrim crossing the ocean blue I have ever beheld...

floating on Cloud 9 at a Holiday Hoobilation where Mikelle sang like an angel...

being mesmorized by the spinning, leaping, and whirling of my lovely Laney Lou...

and smiling from ear to ear while listening to the melodic tunes of Seth at the Christmas Orchestra Concert.

I also remember the beauty of Christmas lights and the bundling of little bodies so we wouldn't freeze to death in the sub freezing temperatures (that was sarcasm right there. You might notice Mikelle is wearing flip flops).

I even remember a visit from the Big Guy himself on his busiest night of the year. My children were over joyed. I think that's what you might call that.

Christmas Day was wonderful. This is how it looked at our house for pretty much the whole day.

And now here we are.

We said goodbye to 2011 as a family and we ushered 2012 in as a family.

That much I will never forget.