Performanced Out

This is what we look like after the last couple of weeks.  
'Tis the Season to Be Jolly...Overrated!  

We started out by attending an award's ceremony for Seth.  He and other "model students" (makes me chuckle every time) were celebrated at the Fine Arts Center for their excellent attitudes, academics, and achievements.  

That's my boy!

Then my award winning son (he is quick to remind us daily) delighted us with a cheery Christmas Orchestra Concert.

Next up, was a beautiful Ballet Performance by our Prima Ballerina, Laney Lou. 
(She's on the left). 
Her class performed a piece from the Nutcracker.

A couple of her adoring fans were in attendance.

Then 2 days later, we were entertained by Laney and her school Choir.

Mikelle was there as Mentor Extraordinaire.  As she is taking a break from choir this year, and dabbling in theater, she had her own opportunity for performance. 

The Young Women at church dressed like Princesses for their Young Women's in Excellence night.  
Mikelle went all out with her fluffy self!
I just wish she weren't so shy all the time.

 Kate was not to be left out of the performance circle.  She amazed us with her new found talent...riding a 2 wheeler. 
 Bye, Bye training wheels.

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Becky said...

You updated! Finally! The kids have been b u s y! I just love Mikelle's princess dress. I may have to borrow it for one of my many princess parties. :)